Bill Engvall

Host: Hey everyone! Mac Noel here at The 23rd Annual Movieguide Awards celebrating all uplifting and inspirational movies of 2014.

Host: Hey. Nice to meet you—oh you’re so warm!

Bill:  Oh—your hands are so cold!

Host: I know.

Bill:  Come on. Give her some love.

Host: It was great by now. They treat me well here. Don’t worry. (laughs)

Bill:  (laughs)

Host: Guess what? You get a microphone.

Bill: Oh! Yay!

Host: I mean I’m pretty sure your comfortable with that, so let’s see.

Bill:  Yeah.

Host: Are we doing pretty good? Okay, I think we’re good. Ahh! I’m so excited. (pause)

Okay. (pause) The 2015 Movieguide Awards and I’m here with Bill Engvall who’s the host of tonight’s show at the 2015 Movieguide Awards. How are you doing, Bill?

Bill: I am very excited. Uh—

Host: Yeah?

Bill: I’m honored they asked me back.

Host: Yeah.

Bill:  And—uh—this is just gonna be one heck of a fun show.

Host: How are you keeping these calm vibes because if this was me I would be like, ‘What the heck did I just get myself into, again?’

Bill: (laughs) It’s—alright it’s like a duck—

Host: Yeah.

Bill: On the top of the water, he looks all smooth, but underneath its feet are just going like—

Host: Ri—ri—right.

Bill: That’s me right now.

Host: No, no.

Bill: Inside is—Inside is churning.

Host: I can’t even see that. That’s amazing! So what are your tips and advice for, you know, how you get this together?

Bill: You know. You just gotta kinda—let go of it.

Host: Yeah.

Bill: Uh—you know. This is—and I think it’s also something I believe in, so—

Host: Yeah.

Bill: It’s why it makes it—you know I love the fact that this—that these awards is getting bigger and bigger.

Host: Yeah!

Bill: And that—uh—the people are starting to go see these family—friendly face-based movies because I just think the world is so crazy right now—

Host: Yeah.

Bill: With people need something. They don’t wanna be able to go and just be entertained.

Host: Right.

Bill: I mean. It’s like—and to be a part of that and a part of this whole thing is just—uh- like a real honor for me—

Host: Yeah.

Bill: My standup has always been clean, family- friendly based and uh—I’m just honored they asked me back.

Host: Yeah.

Bill: And—uh—you know. My job tonight is to try to enlist a couple chuckers—

Host: (laughs)

Bill: And then keep the circus movin’.

Host: Absolutely. When this is over, what do you hope the viewers at home to take home with this?

Bill: I hope that when they are finished watching the show, they can sit back and just go,‘you know. Alright. Things are okay.’

Host: Yeah. Yeah.

Bill: You know? ‘That we’re gonna be okay.’

Host: Yeah.

Bill: And—and I think that’s what you can ask for in the world.

Host: Yeah. When-when they—uh—for next year. If they ask you back, would you go for that trifecta moment?

Bill: Yeah.

Host: Yeah? Well, speaking of—

Bill: ‘Specially if I get interviewed by people like you.

Host: Psh—stop. (laughs) Speaking of which—uh— they ask you back for, let’s say, Dancing with the Stars? All Stars? Would you be able to do that as well?

Bill:  You know what’s funny?

Host: Come on!

Bill: I had to have my knee replaced because—

Host: I heard.

Bill: Yeah, but if they ask me back, you bet I would be right there with little Emma and we’d been throwin’ it down, again.

Host: Perfect. Oh, my Go—you just made my evening! I’ve been wanting to see you would be back and oh, my God.

Bill: I’ll be back in a heartbeat.

Host: Alright. Well, thank you so much, Bill forjoining us this evening.

Bill: Good to see you, honey.

Host: We’ll see you next time.

Bill: You got it! Buh-bye!

Host: I am Machelle Noel with The 23rd Annual Movieguide Awards and with Bill Engvall. See you next time.

Movieguide Awards 2015 |Bill Engvall
Host: Machelle Noel | Writer: XTranscriber: Alan Santellanes
Date: Friday – February 6, 2015 | Location: Los Angeles, CA


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