A League of Their Own

Old Skool - A league of their own - Poster.jpgA woman Dottie Hinson attends her old baseball team’s reunion and is nervous to reunite with her team, especially her sister who she rarely contacts with. Right before heading into the reunion she has a flashback to when she joined the team in the first place. When the second world war breaks out and men leave their jobs to serve the country, young Dottie gets recruited to the Rockford Peaches with her sister Kit and other women. However, the team undergoes struggles to win games and with each other.

The movie opens with an old woman who takes a trip to New York. Once she arrives, she gets nervous and stops to look at the pictures of women’s baseball team photos on the wall, which takes her back to when she played baseball. It is World War II, men leave their jobs to serve; thus, having women to take up their jobs, including sports, in their absence. Young Dottie is seen as an amazing player but is not interested in playing. Her sister Kit, however, wishes to play but cannot be recruited unless Dottie joins. Eventually, she decides to join and now both sisters play for the same team, known as the Rockford Peaches.

This movie touches emotional issues that its audiences (or anybody in general) could relate to. Through their time in the team, Kit grows jealous of Dottie for being the star player and feels inferior to her older sister. At times, people do get compared to their siblings and make them feel inferior as Kit does. Like Kit, we have different styles when playing, performing, etc. then our siblings, which brings out the rivalry between the two sisters who have a different style to playing baseball.

Another issue that we see, with Dottie, is the war and when it separates people from their loved ones. Dottie’s husband gets recruited in the war, leaving Dottie to worry and think about him daily. World War II was an emotional journey, as well as a physical one, for everybody around the world; those who lived through the war can relate to the fear the fate of their husband/boyfriend/brother/father/son. More life decisions come Dottie’s way when she finds the fate of her husband. (SPOILER ALERT) Dottie’s husband arrives from the war, leaving her in tears and quits the team to spend time with her husband. Although it is touching for Dottie to want to be with her husband, the team and the team manager Jimmy get furious with her and decide to play without her.

Towards the end of the movie, we understand why Dottie is scared. She is attending a reunion with her former teammates. With the problems she caused for her team, she is nervous about their reactions. Once she arrives at the reunion, her teammate’s reactions are unforgettable. This movie also serves as a “Girl Power” film, with Rosie the Riveter females who take the role men play to keep the country running while its at war; it is a great movie to show kids to follow their passion for something and not see gender because everyone can get the job done no matter who they are.


Release Date: July 1, 1992

Starring: Tom Hanks, Geena Davis & Lori Petty

Director: Penny Marshall

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Family

Audience: All Ages

Rating: PG

Runtime: 128 minutes

IMDB Page: @ALeagueofTheirOwn

Wiki Link: @ALeagueofTheirOwn

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