The Sandlot

_Old Skool - The Sandlot - Poster_It is summertime in 1962 and a group of young kids spend it playing in an unwanted sandlot playing baseball. The film is narrated by Scott Smalls, who shares his coming of age story where he met the kids who play on the sandlot. Young Scott moves to a new town with his mother and step-father and struggles to fit in. He will do anything to get acceptance from his peers.

The movie begins with young Scott moving in his new home and spending his time in the house or playing by himself outside. His mother and step-father notice and encourage him to play with others. Benny comes in to take Scott out to meet his friends—who then name Scott “Smalls”. After he introduces each of them to Smalls, they make their way to the sandlot. Smalls, then, admits he knows nothing about baseball. They judge him cruelly, but Benny decides to teach him.

The film does a good job showing how kids handle their fear of rejection in a funny, yet relatable way. We see the protagonist Smalls who makes sacrifices to get acceptance from a group of kids by learning how to play a sport and, unaware of it, using his step-father’s baseball signed by Babe Ruth (which is the highlight of the entire movie). Smalls builds a strong relationship with the sandlot gang by swimming at a community pool, going to a local fair, and visiting the sandlot during the 4th of July. Benny, then, amazingly destroys a baseball; thus, the gang cannot play ball anymore. Smalls—trying to fit in and be the hero—grabs the ball in his trophy room so they can keep playing. When the gang realizes that Benny hits the Babe Ruth ball into a yard with a beast dog that attacks, and owns, anything that lands near it, they work together to retrieve it.

The kids create an unforgettable experience trying to retrieve the priceless ball. They try very inventive ways to claim the ball, but the dog defeats every one of their contraptions. (SPOILER ALERT) Towards the end of the movie, Benny, after having a dream with The Great Bambino, makes the ultimate sacrifice and jumps the fence of the dog’s yard to steal the ball. The funniest reveal in movie history is when the dog does not appear as dangerous or big as the kids imagined. Surprisingly, Benny outruns the dog, leading its owner to step in and sort out the ruckus happening in his back yard. It turns out that the owner is a huge baseball fan and insists on giving Smalls a baseball signed by Babe Ruth and other famous players in exchange for the one his dog destroyed.

This movie is a great movie to show kids on a summer night, projecting it on a baseball field; in fact, many kids’ baseball teams have a tradition. It has become a tradition to run it about 10 ten times every summer. It is a classic coming of age story that can connect with many across generations. It shows kids that they should not perform bad actions to fit in with the crowd; otherwise, they will end up in more serious trouble.


Release Date: April 7, 1993

Starring: Tom Guiry & Mike Vitar

Director: David Mickey Evans

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Family

Audience: Children & Family

Rating: PG

Runtime: 104 minutes

Official Website: N/A

Official Social Media Pages: N/A

IMDB Page: @TheSandlot

Wiki Link: @TheSandlot

Other Sources: N/A

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