The Flash | Mid Season Review by Preston Fusci

the-flash-poster_mOn this newest season of the Flash, Barry Allen and team have a new villain they must face, a powerful villain named Cicada. In the comics, Cicada is a man named David Hersch who is the founder of a Metahuman criminal ring called the “Cicada Cult” in Keystone city. In this series, Cicada’s goal is to kill all metahumans with similar lightning shaped daggers from the comics.

During episode 8 in the midseason finale, Barry and Nora (his daughter from the future) need to travel through time in order to gather items needed to stop Cicada. The first being a piece of magnetic alloy from Savitar’s armor. And the second item being Harrison Wells Speed Force Transmitter. However, when Barry and Nora receive the transmitter from Harry they are intercepted by Zoom, who breaks the transmitter in the process. Because of this, Barry convinces Eobard that he needs to help him because if he doesn’t, he will never be able to return to his own time. The third and final item Barry and Nora need is dark matter, so they travel to the night of the particle accelerator explosion. An artificial intelligence, Gideon, imbues some dark matter into Savitar’s armor shard and the transmitter.

When Barry and Nora return to the present, they confront Cicada. They take his daggers away from him and nearly beat him too, but Cicada still manages to escape.

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Screenshot_2015-07-04-09-55-40-1-1Preston Fusci | Writing Contributor
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