Men in Black

Men in Black International Review

Ready for a little nostalgia? Men in Black International is here to give you just that. Other than a quick glance at a painting of the two from one of their battles, agents J and K are nowhere to be found in this sequel. Though the movie separates itself from the original, there is still that familiar feeling. As the Men in Black Universe is expanded, you are taken from New York all the way to London, where they introduce two new agents into the story. Meet agent H and agent M.

The story has an interesting plot and starts off nicely. A little girl (Tessa Thompson) who discovers that aliens really do exist and some how makes it out of being neuralyzed. She devotes her life to finding the Men in Black and becomes the first person to ever do so. After she is accepted into the Men in Black, she is paired up with agent H. (Chris Hemsworth) A cocky, lone wolf agent who prefers to work alone.

If you’ve ever seen any of the three previous Men in Black movies, you know that International has big shoes to fill. The movie does well at becoming more of its own thing and not being just another spinoff of a hit movie. International gives us a strong female lead, her charming sidekick and Liam Neeson. A great cast for what could have been a better movie.

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