Geek. Play. Rock (Out Your Inner Superhero-Rockstar)!


GeekRockTV is an independent entertainment news channel. We are a trusted media source for fans and studios – we keep things positive, on point and related to the event & the talent.

Our mission is to promote awareness and show appreciation for the performing arts, comics and inspirational films.

As an Online Multi-Media Outlet we have been about giving fans the ultimate fan experiences (from comic conventions, set visits, behind-the-scenes to the red carpet). We provide all the wonderful sites and sounds from every show that we get invited to just for our dedicated viewers.

The show is created, produced & hosted by Actress/Filmmaker Machelle Noel, whom interviews other Entertainment Industry Professionals from all different aspects within the “Hollywood Industry Community”, focusing to promote positive, inspirational messages to it’s viewers, especially to those trying to “break-in” into the entertainment profession, or just to encourage others to pursue their dreams.

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