Advertise is a site for all ages. Our team loves to do this as a fun hobby (fans-for-fans) and for resume/portfolio building purposes (pro-bono). And, we love to give back!

Last year, we raised enough money to cover the cost for our webcast show  (pre-planning, filming and editing), get new camera equipment and pay our volunteers (gift cards, shirts, tixs, stipend and etc) thanks to the kindness and generosity of individuals who helped through in-kind gifts.

By advertising with us, you’ll be able help us to do more with our website and web cast shows (special event coverage and celebrity interviews) throughout the year. Additionally, my team and I do this as an educational internship/volunteership opportunity for resume/portfolio building purposes as well.

Would you also like to help our team with gift cards (for our ongoing video/website productions)?

Here are some ways to help us out through our ‘Sponsorship / Advertisement Program‘.

Bronze Package
Option 1 | ‘Bottom of the Articles’
‘Bottom of The Articles’
Size One Per Page
Small sponsor-corp.jpg $100
Large / Bottom Banner  tmntbox $250
Silver Package
Option 2 | ‘On The Sidebar’ Column 
‘On The Sidebar’ Advertisements Size Per Month
”Sponsors of The Month”

Below the
Disclaimer’ message

footer 1 $250
Gold Package
Option 3 | ‘At The Footer’ of The Articles
‘At The Footer’
Size All Pages
(Per Year)

“Featured Sponsors”

Stroll down to the bottom of website.

Near Categories / Events sections.

footer 1 $200
Platinum Package
Option 4 | Youtube Videos
Size One Per Video

Company Links

We will post your company & web links permanently in the description section under “Thanks to our Sponsors”.

youtube links $100

Company Links & Logos

We will post your company logo at the ‘End Credit’ slide under “Thanks to our Sponsors” and post your company’s weblinks permanently at all description sections under “Thanks to our Sponsors”.

Special Discount:
This includes all
SDCC 2018 videos.

youtube links $250
Titanium Package
Option 5 | All-Inclusive Deals
Advertisements Size Time Limits
Bottle Article footer 1 Permanent
Sidebar Column footer 1 Per Year
Footer footer 1 Per Year
Youtube  footer 1 Permanent

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